Congratulations and well done to the 4 members of Aberdeen Judo Club Special Needs class who did extremely well at the East of Scotland Special Needs Judo Competition 22nd April 2017, winning FIVE medals in Livingston.

Gold medals went to Zoe Kane and John Kane.
Zoe received 20 points towards her black belt and John entered two events and won Gold medals in each event.

Silver medals went to Michael Smith and Matthew Holland.
Michael has only won bronze before so upped the ante by taking Silver!
This was Matthew Holland first ever competition and he won Silver.  Matthew had four fights and unfortunately lost his first one.

Well done and congratulations to Heidi who won 3 fights at the March 2017 National Grading held during the Police Sport UK training weekend at the Welsh Institute of Sport in Cardiff.

The weekend saw over 130 players on the mat with guest coach Neil Adams MBE.

Well done Emil Gaszewski (photo to the left) who won the trophy for the most improved player for Thursday night classes.

The Trophy was presented by coach James McBeath.

Well done Aimy LeGoff (photo to the right) who is the winner of our junior quiz.

Well done and congratulations to all AJC seniors who took part in Turriff Judo Club, 2017 Newaza Competition held on Sunday 29th January 2017.

Nathan Staudt took 1st place, Levi Bunyan 2nd place, Nicola McIlwrath 4th place, Simon Ruddy 5th place and Olivier Veraguth 6th place.

Photographed above are all players along with referee James McBeath and all AJC members proudly showing their certificates and Nathan's first place trophy.

Photographed above long with Alistair Davidson, AJC President are AJC members who took part and club coaches. 

Left to Right - Fergus Pirie, Alistair Davidson, Simon Ruddy, Nicola McIIwrath, Nathan Staudt, Levi Bunyan, Olivier Veraguth and James McBeath.

Well done and congratulations to Mayane, Aimy and Nathan Le Goff for taking part and receiving placing certificates in each of their own groups at Turriff Judo Club,  2017 Junior Competition held on Sunday 29th January 2017. 

Mayane Le Goff took first place and received a trophy and 1st place certificate,  Aimy Le Goff received 2nd place certificate and Nathan Le Goff received 3rd place certificate.

Photographed above are Nathan, Aimy and Mayane in each of their groups along with referee James McBeath. 

Below centre are Nathan, Mayane and Aimy along with AJC Coaches James McBeath and Fergus Pirie.