Good luck to Brandon Fullerton at the Ultimate Open Grand Prix this Sunday the 21st February held at Meadowbank Stadium, Edinburgh.


Brandon is photographed with Club Coach Fergus Pirie and Mike Fullerton.

21st Feb Ultimate Grand Prix Junior/Senior
6th Mar National Grading
26th Mar Sportif Iternational Junior/Senior
16th Apr Budokan Grand Prix Junior/Senior
23rd Apr ESSN Disability Open Junior/Senior
24th Apr Jidel Open Junior
15th May National Grading
21st May Scottish Mini Mon Junior
4th Jun BUPA Grand Prix Junior/Senior
26th Jun Clyde Grand Prix Junior
Aug (Date to be confirmed) Invergordon Mini Mons Junior
21st Aug National Grading
1st Oct Granite City Grand Prix Junior/Senior
15/16 Oct Glasgow European Open Senior
12/13 Nov Scottish Nationals Junior
20th Nov National Grading

AJC junior participants and results
Greig McKenzie – 1st place certificate & trophy
Ellie-May Stark  –  4th place certificate

This was their first time entering a competition and both were awarded certificates.
Well done and congratulations Greig and Ellie-May.

AJC senior participants and results - Turriff Senior Newaza Competition

Nathan Staudt – Category 1 -  1st place & trophy
Oleg Muratov   – Category 1 – 2nd place,  Category 2 – 1st place & trophy
Levi Bunyan      – Category 1 – 3rd place,  Category 2 – 2nd place
Simon Ruddy    – Category 1 – 5th place,  Category 2 – 3rd place

Well done and congratulations to Nathan, Oleg, Simon and Levi.

This Sunday (January 31st) is the 2016 Turriff newaza (ground work) competition. This is a JudoScotland licensed, non point scoring event.

Venue: Turriff Sports Centre

8-13 yrs booking in at 9am.
14-15 yrs booking in at 11am.

Booking in at 1pm.

Entry fee - £10.00

Categories for juniors will be decided on the day by the club coaches according to age, weight and experience.

Senior competition will be newaza only.
Junior competition will be first to reach 20 points.

There are trophies for winners and certificates for 2nd and 3rd places.

Teas etc are provided. Strictly no eating or drinking in the sports hall except for players' water bottles.

The folks at Koka Kids are running a prize draw for the chance to win one of their T-shirts.

To enter the draw, supply your email address (so they can contact the winner) and share the link with your friends using the buttons on the competition entry page here