Christopher GeorgeChristopher George is from Trinidad and Tobago, he's working for BP in Aberdeen right now and has come to train with his local judo club: Aberdeen Judo Club!

Chris brings a wonderful dimension to the club: both the physical dimension [he's over 100kg] as well as the personality dimension [he's a great guy].

Chris is currently a green belt (3rd Kyu) and is training hard for the Judo World Championships where he will represent his country in the under 100kg class (got a few kgs to loose still eh Chris!?)

As a regular uke to this friendly giant, the author can firmly state that it hurts when he lands on you - we all hope your training in Aberdeen serves you well (personal training with club coach Jason Moore no doubt helps too). Good luck Chris!

Nathan - 29/07/2013
11th July 2013

Aberdeen Judo Club took to the sand tonight in honour of the (very rare) warm weather

Aberdeen Judo Club

Luckily, the beach is just across the road from our normal training location.

Once back inside, the summer mood continued...
Sunday the 28th of July 2013, a master class will be held at Aberdeen Sports Village by Olympic Gold Medalist Mark Huizinga.

Mark Huizinga won gold in the 2000 olympics as well as many other medals as you can see here, so this is a fantastic opportunity for all judokas in the northeast of Scotland to see some truly world-class judo.

Times and Prices

Grade Time Fee
Kai grades (under 8 years old) 09.00 - 10.30 £15
Mon grades (8 - 14 years old) 11.00 - 12.30 £19
Kyu and Dan grades 14.00 - 17.00 £25

Spectators: Adults £5, kids free.

Contact Gordon McCathie (07827445514) to register for this event.

Promotional Video
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